Emotional Healing Through Breath

A New Beginning

After years of working as a nurse I’ve decided to make a big change.  I’ve been thinking about it long time but the time never felt right.  My husband and I recently (about a year ago) purchased a plot of land in Cornwall. Our goal one day is to turn it into a small cooperative farm.  Our family thinks we’re a bit nutty, but the truth is they’ve always thought that. My husband’s friends are a bit surprised by the move, having known him mostly as the “computer guy”.  But he has dreamed about this for as long as I have.  A few months ago my husband had the opportunity to take a job he can do remotely.  This opportunity couldn’t have come soon enough – we jumped at the chance – especially with land prices being so low in this market.  Until recently this dream of owning land was simply outside of our financial reach.

I’ve been worked at a local hospital for years, but I was unsatisfied and felt I could be of better service outside of traditional medicine.  In order to get established I decided to find work at one of the local clinics here in Cornwall, at least until my husband got settled into his new job and I could start seeking new prospects.  After a year of being here that time is now.

I’m heading to Spain for three weeks on Monday.  I signed up for a series of workshops on breathwork and it’s relationship to the healing arts as a whole.  I’ve been practicing breathwork for years, and started teaching it to patients and clients, after some clinical training, about three years ago.  Mastering the breath and learning to navigate the waters of the emotional body has given me  rewards far beyond anything else I know.  It’s such a joy to nurture others in this process of self-healing.  I know this is my calling, and so I look forward to formalizing this passion towards an actual profession.

My husband and the girls are coming with me to Spain for the first few week. I will be staying for an additional two weeks. My Spanish is poor, however the two teachers leading the workshop are giving the course in English, so I’m in luck.  I’m looking forward to learning more about the larger world of breathwork and what it has to offer.  I can’t wait!


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