Emotional Healing Through Breath

I just finished my second day of breathwork training here in Spain and it’s been fantastic!  I’m learning a whole new type of breathwork called Vivation.  It is the missing piece I have been looking for all these years.  I am surprised I haven’t learned it before – it could have saved me years of time in my breathwork practice.  Vivation is simply more elegant, more efficient, and more pleasurable than any other type of breathwork I’ve done before.  We still have a couple of more days to learn it, but so far I am very impressed!   In my last one hour sessions this afternoon I integrated more suppressed emotional material than in dozens of breathwork sessions.  There is no need for going through the often intense and difficult experiences that other breathwork sessions take you through.  With Vivation you can integrate all of these emotions while they are still subtle, because as the instructor told us, “it’s not the intensity of the feeling that needs to be experienced, but the details of the feeling.”  Brilliant!

I’ll have more to say about this revolutionary type of breathwork in the next few days.  So far I am really, really excited about the prospects of Vivation!


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