Emotional Healing Through Breath

Wow!  That’s all I can say. I feel better than I have felt in years.  Earlier this evening we completed the Vivation Breathwork training by going to downtown Barcelona for the the entire day and into the evening.  We did many types of fun activities, all the while doing Vivation.  We did Vivation in the museum, we did Vivation at the cafe, and we did Vivation while all lying down in a public square.  And I finally understood – you can do Vivation anywhere!  The reason – Vivation is a very efficient process of emotional resolution.  Feelings never became overwhelming because I could resolve them before they got overwhelming – it’s that simple.  No matter what was happening around me I could continuously stay in my feeling-body and experience all the sensations  the present moment.  Vivation allows me to be totally in the now.  And it’s so simple – just pay attention to the strongest feeling in your body.

I really enjoyed my Vivation sessions today and yesterday.  Yesterday we did two water Vivation sessions – one in very warm water (about 39C) and one in the cooler pool (about 20C).  The warm water session was very intense, but for the most part deeply pleasurable.  Warm water was very activating for me at first, but I was able to surrender into the experience.   I found if I just stayed present with the feelings, and allow them to guide me, my breathing adjusted automatically. I reached an important breathwork milestone – I was no longer breathing through my feelings, my feelings were breathing me. The more I payed attention to the feelings, the more they guided me and nurtured me back to wholeness.

So it’s official, Vivation is my thing!  I can’t imagine not doing it after this. I find I naturally want to do it all the time – it feels too good to stop.  I absolutely love it.

I’m exhausted – today was a very long day. Up at 7am, and now it’s past 1am.  Luckily, we have the weekend off.  I plan on spending it with husband and two daughters.  We are planning on seeing the sites before they leave back for the UK on Sunday.  I’m staying here another two weeks. Several more instructors are coming in to teach over the next couple of weeks.  There will be classes on all types of holistic healing, and Vivation will play a central core role in all of it.


Comments on: "Vivation: The Ultimate Emotional Healing Process" (1)

  1. Hi Rebecca!

    So nice to see you’re having so much fun in Spain. I can’t wait to see you in April. I look forward to hearing all about your experiences. This Vivation sounds amazing!


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