Emotional Healing Through Breath

Spain this time of year

My husband and two girls just flew back home this afternoon.  So I am on my own for the next two weeks.  This will be the longest I’ve been apart from my family, ever.  It’s both exciting and a bit scary.

This weekend was really enjoyable for me and my family  The weather here in Barcelona was perfect..  It was sunny and mild.  We spent yesterday seeing the sights.  The entire time I was Viving, doing what is called Vivation-in-Action.  This is where you do Vivation while engaged in everyday activities.  It was really fun and I noticed that the little things that can annoy me didn’t.  My two kids said I was noticeably calmer than I usually am.  On one occasion they noticed I  was breathing “different”.  “Oh mummy is just Viving!”  We all got a laugh out of it, and we were quickly onto something else.  Then I figured it out.  My biggest fear of doing Vivation-in-Action is that people might notice me, or being weird in public, but those fears were quickly put to rest.  First I was able to integrate whatever emotions I had around it, but more importantly if anything, I got the opposite reaction – people smiled at me more.  I felt so good being at peace in my body, that everyone around me sort of resonated with that frequency.  It felt fantastic.  If per chance they noticed I was “breathing funny” they barely gave it a second thought because I was present and happy.  Most of the time the breathing with Vivation is just relaxing, but there are moments of tension where I breath a bit faster and shallower.  Most people don’t breath at all, so they end suppressing whatever is coming up.  I stayed with it and it quickly integrated into pleasure.  Vivation is way better! I’ll never go back to suppressing feelings when they come up, knowing how much better it feels to breath through them.  Yes, this weekend was fabulous.


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